August Favourites

I used to do this on an old YouTube channel a long while ago, but I thought I'd do this again since they're one of my favourite things to discuss.

August, for me, was a month of finishing work for the summer, attending the Reading Festival, thinking of returning to university and celebrating my brother's 24th birthday - so a lot of different things had happened and this, unfortunately, was the month where spouts of depression had hit me. I needed some help and a little pick me up now and again so I decided to share my favourites of August with you.

  • Zoella Sweet Inspirations body mist - Admittedly, I have gone into Superdrug numerous times and looked at Zoella's variety of different beauty ranges and I have looked at the Sweet Inspirations range online and watched a few videos where Zoe has used or featured these products and I decided to give it a go. Whilst purchasing products for my best friends 'pamper box' gift box I was making for her as a birthday present, I decided to get her the Sweet Inspirations Bath Latte and I saw the body mist and decided to give it a spritz as a test. The scent reminds me of some type of dessert and I just love this scent quite a lot and it's been nice to wear when I haven't wanted to drown myself in perfume scents. Also I use it in the day time as it gives of a summery and sunny vibe to the scent (if that's even possible). Definitely recommend!
  • M.A.C. Lipstick in Velvet Teddy - I have been in love with this shade since last winter and it's been something I have been reaching for a lot. I purchased this lipstick in November of last year then after using it for a little while unfortunately I lost it and after a while of weaning myself off red or pink shade lipsticks, I re-purchased it once more. For those of you who don't know about this shade or have been sceptical of trying it, I'd recommend it. I've been told by numerous people that a lot of different colour shades of lipstick suit me (and I've tried purple, light pink, bright pink, red, orange, blue and more) I was worried nudes wouldn't suit me and that this matte finish would dry my lips out... I was definitely mistaken.
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara - I had this product in a tester size after purchasing Urban Decay's Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette and two of the lipsticks from this range so I was given a few freebies. I wasn't sure if I'd like this mascara and I've heard a lot of good things about Urban Decay regarding their mascara so I thought I'd give it a try. I am definitely no stranger to UD products (not trying to boast) even though I've used their eyeshadow palettes more than anything but this product is no exception. I actually really like it and I prefer bristle applicators in comparison to plastic applicators because I feel as though it grips to my eyelashes better and it coats them a lot better. I used to use Rimmel London ScandalEyes mascara and swore by that,as well as using it for numerous years, and I honestly cant pick which one I love the most.
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 - I absolutely adore this lipstick and I swear by it. The matte finish of it doesn't dry out my lips and I love the berry red shade. Usually this would be linked with winter since it's quite dark as a shade, but I still wear it even in the summer. It's pretty much multi-seasonal for me. Pairing this with a neutral eye, it really brings attention to the lips as well as the shade, and I couldn't fault it at all. Also I feel as if I have purchased this at least 8 times in the past three years.
  • Tease Eau de Parfume by Victoria's Secret - I adore this perfume so much. It's been a favourite of mine for over a year now and I decided to share it with you guys now since it's probably my most favourite perfume ever. It's got notes of vanilla, frozen pear and black gardenia and it's honestly such a gorgeous smell. It's not overpowering and it's definitely a scent I use in my day-to-day schedule. I don't think it's for just day or just the evenings, I see it as more of an all round use.
  • Maybelline Lipgloss Vivid Matte in 05 Nude Flush - I love this lip gloss because it's basically a dupe of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit in the shade Posie K. It was really hard to find this shade in store since all the shades of these are beautiful and a lot of them seem to be dupes of Kylie's collections. Admittedly, I wanted Posie K for so long that even though I had the money and ability to have one purchased and shipped over here, it wasn't worth it - so I found this instead and it's been in my handbag for two months as a staple of mine. It's a gorgeous dusty rose shade and with it being a matte finish, it doesn't dry your lips out but makes them feel a bit like satin - a feeling I adore. I also own another one of these and it's in the shade 45 Possessed Plum and I love that one too if I'm feeling like having a dramatic lip and a subtle eye.
  • Rimmel London ScandalEyes Jumbo Liner - I have chopped and changed with eyeliners for so long, between pencil, felt and gel... I've stuck with a few different ones for a long while, like a gel but I know pencils don't really worth for me. However, this felt liner does the job for me. I have only purchased two of these and they last me so long, although the end of the liner tends to nub for me and bend over a little bit, so it's probably just me using it too hard on my eyelids, but I like a good thick line for eyeliner since it makes my eyes look more defined and I love how it makes my flicks look.
Home Items/Decoratives

  • Gingerbread Latte Reed Diffuser - I can't find a link for this but I purchased it from Tesco, as I think it's part of their Autumnal/Christmas season. I picked this up recently actually to go in my university room and it made my room smell so homely and happy - I adore it. It's basically a sweet gingerbread-y scent, but it isn't overpowered by sweetness. Basically as soon as you sniff it, the memories of curling up under loads of blankets and wearing my boyfriend's hoodie last winter come flooding back and I just adore it so much. Definitely going to try and stock up on these for a good while!
  • Headspace - I use this app whenever I had spouts of depression or anxiety hit me, and this really helped so much. Basically, you put in a pair of headphones and sit in a quiet place (mine was curled up in bed before a few of my shifts in work), close your eyes and for a few minutes you lay in silence whilst focusing on your breathing whilst a guide is talking you through it.

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