Versatile Blogger Award

Whilst sitting in one of my university lectures earlier on, I was on Twitter and saw in my notifications that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Caroline. (Thank-you so much for this, it put a smile on my face and brightened my really long and dull day!)

Okay, so I admit I've heard of this blogger award before and all I did when I saw them was be typical ol'me and be nosey by reading up on everyone (totally in a non-creepy way, promise!). As a quick run down for those of you who don't know what this award is, it's basically honouring the blogs/bloggers around who bring something special to your life and who show love within their writing.

Basically what I'm meant to do is tell you all 7 facts about me (kinda similar to the Liebster Award I was nominated for last month which you can read about here) but I will get on it right now, so I hope you enjoy some more facts about me!

  1. My shoe size is a UK size 4, which is kinda small now that I think about it...
  2. I'm a very indecisive person, I literally have to rely on other people's decisions for things unless I really don't want to do something.
  3. I have never watched Game of Thrones until this year and I regret waiting to watch it (it is SO good).
  4. Regardless of the time of year, I will always go to sleep in a vest top and a pair of shorts. Yep, even if it's snowing outside or the house is basically the innards of a igloo.
  5. I'm a total sock hater. (Seriously, I prefer my feet as free as possible! #freethefeetsies)
  6. When I have my own house it's gonna be a zoo since I want so many pets (as in dogs, cats, degus... It's gonna be manic I think).
  7. I've lived in a little village all my life but I really want to eventually head to the city (although I kind of love/hate village life).
These facts are totally random but hey, it's hard to think on the spot. I hope you enjoyed this post and I nominate:

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Have an amazing day!


  1. I can't wait to write mine! Thank you for the nomination xxx


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