Blogmas Day 10 - Places I've Visited

Hi everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 10. I cannot believe we are so close to the end of 2016, where has the time gone?

Today I wanted to share with you guys the places that I've been in the world, because I don't know about you, but I'm nosey like that and see what places are good, where people recommend to go, where people don't recommend... You get the jist. 

Note: This post is not boasting where I've been at all. It's just me trying to share the places I've been so I can tell you guys about them.

Places I've visited in the UK


I really do love Bristol. It's not too far from me and I love it for it's shopping. Cabot Circus and Cribbs Causeway are my two favourite places to go shopping because there's so much variety. I do love how Bristol looks as well, it's nice to be in a different place too since I'm used to Cardiff, Newport and Swansea a lot.


I've only been here once which was for a concert/festival type of thing and holy crap, Chester is beautiful. It's aesthetically really pretty and even my mum loved it too. It's a bit far from where I actually live but I would definitely go there again.


I really like going to London and I've been there a good few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like being the typical tourist by taking photos around the place, but I also really like to go to museums and look at the history and architecture of things (I feel like I sound really old, wow). I've gone to London for numerous purposes, like: week/weekend away, concerts and purely just because I fancied it.


I've only gone to Manchester for concert purposes, like to see Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. It's a nice place to be and I do like it, although I do prefer London to it. This is the one city I actually travelled to and from by myself, which I did June of 2015 and I did enjoy that. Also I recommend staying in Motel One right by the train station - it's beautiful in there and I was provided with a lovely service.

Places I've visited out of the UK


I loved Copenhagen so much! It snowed while I was there and it made the atmosphere magical for me. I went when I was pretty young, but I really want to go back again and I think I have plans to go there once again, so I can really bask in the Danish glory that is Copenhagen!


I went here only a few years ago and I adored it. Cyprus and Greece are two places I love and I'd happily go again and again. When I went to Cyprus, we stayed in a place call Aphrodite Hills and it was gorgeous. We had our own pool and a pretty large villa. There was also shops, an internet cafe, starbucks and a restaurant on the resort site, and the people there were very nice to us and were so helpful. If you ever get the chance to go to Cyprus, you really should. The heat was nice and it was so relaxing - perfection!


I went here years ago and it's such a hot but beautiful country. There are things you have to respect about their country, but they do also understand if you're a tourist/holidaying. I do remember being at a restaurant and someone coming up to me and saying they loved my hair (it's naturally mousey brown) and the young me kind of freaked out about it. I also remember being in a water park and on a lazy river and being separated from my family and going in a dark tunnel by myself and screaming, but two women helped me get back to my family. I really want to go to Dubai again and I really recommend it so much, it's really lovely and so are the people.


I've been here in two different places: Paris and Normandy. I went to Paris with my family when I was very young and we visited Disneyland. I loved it and I do really want to go back, because I adore France and I adore Paris. It's a really lovely country, as well as the fact I do adore speaking French.

I went to Normandy when I was 11 years old with my school as part of a trip and I did really like it too. We did it as kind of a historical trip and I don't remember it all that well, but that was the first time I was away from my mum for a week and I was also in a different country without her, so it was strange and it was the first bought of home sickness I've ever got.


Ah, the place I've visited the most. I've been to Florida a lot and I love it. Universal and Disney are two of my favourite places to go in Florida, and it's been amazing. It's probably one of my favourite holiday destinations because the weather is usually great and it's a nice atmosphere - also, Taco Bell is a thing there, and Chipotle! Definitely a recommendation for you Disney and Universal lovers, as well as you sun lovers!

Going down to Daytona Beach was lovely, and really relaxed. It was pretty to look at and I really wish I went down on the beach and in the water (sadly I couldn't due to my skin not liking salt water very much), but it was a beautiful place to be in.

Las Vegas

I went to Vegas once and that was when I was little. I don't particularly remember it that well, but I do want to go there again. From pictures, movies and tv shows I've seen which show Vegas, I do what to go there. Also I do remember a really cool fountain show which was amazing and it was in a lake type of thing - it was huge. I'd definitely recommend for people who like the bright lights and the clubs/gambling lifestyle.

New York

I went to New York when I was 13 as a day trip before returning home from Florida. It was absolutely BOILING. We went on an open top bus tour around New York which I loved, and I also went to Ground Zero which was emotional as hell, I couldn't believe what I had seen. It was very moving to see the memorial and I lit a tea light in respect for those who passed during 9/11, as well as the people they never found bodies for.

New York is a pretty place to be in, although it's really busy. It was hard to get around a lot without being the typical British person and getting irritated with people everywhere. However, people in New York move very fast so the fear of being behind a slow walker isn't there. I also went shopping in New York too and went into the Macy's there - it was gorgeous. If you like cities/city breaks, I'd definitely recommend going to New York.


I adore Greece so much. I love the history, beauty, architecture, food... There's nothing I don't like. Zakynthos was very relaxing and a beautiful island to be on. The water was crystal clear and the heat was lovely, and I usually hate being really hot because it makes me feel like I'm having a fever and I can't breathe... It's kinda weird, I know. If you want a holiday for relaxing purposes with good weather, Zakynthos is the one. I've also been to Rhodes and it's pretty much the same and I also adore it very much (I included it in this one because the descriptions would've been the same).

I hope you guys had an amazing start to your weekend and your December is good to you!

What are some places in the world you've visited? Have you been to any of the places I've been? What did you think of them?

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  1. ahhh you have had a ball!! I went to Las Vegas last summer and loved it!! You should go again now that you are older!! Thank you for sharing love this!! xox

    1. I feel like I've been here, there and everywhere, haha!! I really want to go but after I'm 21 which is in a year and just under 2 months time, so I'd love it!! No problem lovely, I'm glad you liked it!!

      - Chloe

  2. I love London so much! I've visited a few times now as there is always something exciting to do and so many places to visit. I also love Manchester especially around Christmas time! Really interesting post :)

    Tiffany x

    1. I really want to visit London at Christmas time, although it'll be manic!!

      - Chloe

  3. All the places you've visited in the US have me so jealous- travelling is so great, if only we could do it all the time!

    1. I know right? I'd love it so much! I have so many places I want to visit too, like Budapest, Norway, Sweden, Berlin, Machu Picchu, Amsterdam... I have a list as long as my arm!

      - Chloe

  4. Loved this! I really want to go to Copenhagen! It looks amazing! <3

    1. So glad you liked! Copenhagen was so beautiful, I need to go back desperately!

      - Chloe


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