Blogmas Day 21 - Blogging hindering your individuality

Hi everyone, and welcome to Blogmas Day 21.

For today's post, I'm doing something I actually haven't done before so for the first time in the history of this blog, a guest post is happening right here!

This post was written by the lovely John (from Johnsroadtovolunteering) and I feel like it's something which should be addressed. I'm so happy about this post, and I hope you guys are excited to read it!

In recent blogs, I’ve shared on John’s Road to Volunteering, my thoughts on why you should be proud of who you are and embrace this in your blog and when I spoke to Chloe about this, she asked if I’d guest blog today. Thanks Chloe for allowing me to write this post for you.

So, HI! As you’ll know (well at least now you do), I blog over at John’s Road to Volunteering, sharing my story as a volunteer, whilst opening up my life troubles to help others in a similar position. It might be obvious that I’m John, the guy who looks so much like Phil Mitchell, but has the heart of the BFG.

Now that awkward introduction is out of the way, let’s talk about the negative impact blogging can have on you.

Yes, I might have drawn you in with my motivational opener, but at times of positivity, there’s always a negative to outweigh.

Let’s start by saying ‘I LOVE blogging’. Blogging has given me so many opportunities to use my story to impact others, and has allowed me to be myself. I embrace who I am, and use my personality to amplify my blog’s purpose.

Here’s the problem…
Many bloggers don’t do this. They think they know who they are, but they follow the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with following the crowd, but at times, you can lose who you are. You can be influenced by those in the group to change who you are and your mind-set.
I love being part of a group, don’t get me wrong, I’m part of many, but when you have others trying to peer-pressure you into changing, blogging can hinder your personality.

We learn, we educate and we empower blogging, and we must remember to be ourselves.
Whether we’re part of a group or not, blogging provides us with an incredible opportunity to stand out. To stand out like our personality should. Every blogger has different thoughts, perceptions and most important personalities.

We shouldn’t forget this. Our blogs can be a representation of who we are, if we stay true to ourselves. Being influenced is great, but when others are trying to change who you are, it’s not worth your time.

Be you, be proud and embrace your personality. Let it be your personality that inspires others to embrace who they are and look back in years to come knowing it was your personality that inspired, not a group of bloggers trying to hinder your personality. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this first ever guest post on my blog, and again, I want to thank John for doing this post as it's really inspirational and something we as bloggers can take from it!

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Have an amazing day!

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