Blogmas Day 9 - Mini shopping haul

Happy Blogmas Day 9 everyone! Also, I can't believe it's Friday once again. Since I've been a bit bored recently, I thought I would take a little trip into Cardiff for a nice little bit of retail therapy and to just have a bit of me time where I wasn't blogging, tweeting or doing university assignments.

This is going to be a pretty small haul because I don't really have an endless stream of money or student loan, nor do I work so the money I have is the money I've got for now until my next student loan installment and bursary.

So first off, I went into Victoria's Secret and damn, I was in there for A LONG time. Like pretty much over an hour, and most of it was trying on sweatshirts and attempting to vlog and failing miserably (but I'm going to use it tomorrow as part of Blogmas, hopefully! If not, the footage shall stay hidden for good!)

I haven't been to VS in months and I really wanted to check out the one in Cardiff because it's in my hometown and I'm a sucker for VS so much, so I was pretty excited to go in today.

I purchased these two sweatshirts and they aren't as thick as they look. They're pretty thin but it's the comfy casual style that I love the most about these. The one on the bottom (the sequin one) was £44.50 which my mum told me to pick up and it can be an early extra Christmas present (thank-you mum!). The other one which is mainly white with baby pink was £36.50 I think. I had to get these both in a size 'small' which is weird because in Victoria's Secret, I'm usually a large. These sweatshirts are meant to be oversized but holy crap, a large in these were way too big... As seen below. I also did the 5 pairs of undies for £25 (I didn't include a photo in case people found it a bit weird), which are all perfect and I adore them all.

I honestly couldn't pick between which sweatshirt I wanted so much because they are both gorgeous and they both fit so well, so I ended up getting them both.

As you can see, I'm pretty proud of my purchase!

I also purchased a roller ball of the 'Very Sexy' perfume, as this is one of my favourite VS scents alongside Tease and Bombshell. This rollerball was £16 and to be honest, you do get a lot from it, and it's nice to just pop in your bag rather than lugging a whole bottle around with you. 

Next I popped into Lush and this was good because even though it was busy as sh*t in there, someone working there basically came straight to me and helped me with purchases and I was in there probably for about 10 minutes as a whole.

So from left to right in the orange bags, I purchased: Magic Wand bubble bar (£5.95 each), 2 Butterbear Bath Bombs (£1.95 each) and Golden Wonder bath bomb (£4.25). I also purchased a small bottle of the Snow Fairy shower gel (£3.95 for 100g).

Golden Wonder bath bomb - very citrus and fresh in scent

Magic Wand bubble bar - smells exactly like Snow Fairy (bubblegum/bubblegum bottles scent)

Butterbear bath bomb - cocoa butter scent, good for the skin

Snow fairy shower gel -  Bubblegum/bubblegum bottles scent (doesn't leave too
much of a smell behind on the skin)

I've always wanted the Magic Wand bubble bar and the Snow Fairy body wash because they just smell divine, and also remind me of the sweet bubblegum bottles (I eat so many of these because of my boyfriend's mum owning a sweet shop, so it's insane and I love it), or remind me of Refreshers. 

The aftermath of the Magic Wand in the bath!

Today, I used both of those products and I can't stop smelling myself, I smell so good. 

I haven't used the other products yet but I'm really excited to!

This was a pretty small haul but as I said, I really can't afford to go splashing out, but hopefully I can do a better/longer haul in the future. I hope you enjoyed this one and are tempted to try out Lush products!

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