Women aren't the only sufferers

I've wanted to write this post for a long time, especially because it is something that I definitely agree with - the concept that women aren't the only sufferers.

Note:  This post will contain mentions of different mental health issues, like anxiety, depression and suicide. If mentions of these will bother/trigger you in any way, please do not read further.

For years, people have been suffering with mental illness and mental health issues. It's been a taboo subject for in my opinion, for too long. I'm sick of the stigma and taboo people are experiencing due to being a sufferer of mental health. Heck, shouldn't we actually be praised for putting up with what we have to? I think we should. Personally, after all the sh*t I've been through with anxiety and depression, I want a medal for it because this sh*t is EXHAUSTING to deal with sometimes.

Away from my experiences for today, I'm going to focus purely on the men of this wonderful yet damaged world. I know plenty of men in my life who have and are suffering with mental health issues, some are bloggers which you and I may know, other have been family and friends. Personally, I've always been one for helping promote the males in this world who are suffering, because they are stigmatised just the same as everyone else suffering. They are stigmatised for suffering, because males are deemed as being "strong" and "fearless". So if they come forward about their suffering, people may bash them and call them weak. This is unacceptable.

Never in my life have I ever viewed anyone, especially men, as being weak, broken and fragile. I have seen them as being brave for surviving - which they are. They are brave for still breathing, living and walking this planet, no matter what they are suffering with and I am proud of every single one of them. I'm proud of their daily fights, their good days, the days which they make their progress.

you're so hard on yourself. take a moment. sit back. marvel at your life: at the grief that softened you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthened you. despite everything, you still grow. be proud of this.

For a little bit, I want to talk about two people from my year at school. If you've seen my Twitter from December until now, you may or may know that unfortunately, two guys from my year in high school have passed away due to suicide. I will not name either of them, as both of their families and their friends are suffering and have suffered enough.

Both of these two guys were extremely optimistic in high school, or so they portrayed themselves to be. They both always made others laugh, knew how to make people smile... You'd honestly have had no idea that they were suffering. However, people always say that it's the happiest people that are the saddest, and are the ones who are so good at hiding it. However, both of them unfortunately lost their battle with mental health and are not with us anymore, and this shocked so many people. Everyone in my year at school have been extremely emotional but also very supportive in promoting men's mental health, as well as mental health as a whole.

Upon hearing of both of their passings, it's something which makes me want to strive even more to tackle the stigma against mental health. I wish it was gone, as much as the next person does. However, it's still with us and we as advocates, sufferers and promoters need to do our best to support one another, as well as maintaining the awareness that is currently going on, as well as pushing forward more.

I have some words for you males of the world who are struggling right now:

No matter how long or short your struggle is, no matter how bad you may feel, no matter how worried you may be of judgement, YOU are strong. 
You are strong for surviving, for living, for breathing, for waking up every day, for falling asleep every night. 
Everything you do now reflects how strong you are as a person, no matter how much you may doubt yourself.

Never think that you cannot get help, or be helped. 
There is going to be at least one person out there in the world who would drop something to be there for you - no matter who it is. 
You're not alone in your fight, no matter how much you think you are, or believe that you are. 
Someone will always be there to catch you if you fall. 
You are not expected to behave like a robot, you're entitled to feel however you want to feel - no matter if it's positive or negative.
Keep doing you, and you'll go far.
You've got this.
You can do this.

I hope that this post has been helpful, as well as helping to spread a little love to the male sufferers in our world - they deserve it too!

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Have an amazing day!


  1. Chloe this post is SO IMPORTANT! Men face such societal pressure which tells them not to express their feelings and emotions, and that doing so "isn't manly" which really damages their mental health and prevents them from seeking help that they really need! Raising awareness of men's MH issues with posts like this is vital to changing these toxic attitudes! Thank you for writing this!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thanks so much, Abbey! I thought it was really important to get a post like this out there because people don't particularly realise where the stigma is going to, and I wanted to give the males out there who are struggling a bit of a push in the positivity side of things!

      - Chloe


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