My favourite gym workouts

To link into my fitness direction that I'm going in for the blog, I thought that I'd share with you what my favourite workouts in the gym are. At some point, I'll do a post about home workouts, but for now, I hope you enjoy!

Leg press

If you follow my Instagram/Twitter, you'll know that I adore the leg press machine. I feel like my legs are one of my main assets, so I want to keep them as fit/toned as possible. The leg press can come in 2 different varieties: the foot platform moves, or the seat you're in will move. I've used both, but I feel like the second option benefits me the most. There are different stances you can do on a leg press machine, and they end up working the different parts of your legs. Personally, my favourites are: Narrow stance and standard stance since I like to work on my legs overall, but particularly the outer quads.

I do reps of 10 and I do this with weight progression from lightest to heaviest (last I did was 85kg to 165kg, meaning I did 100 presses... WHAT EVEN?!), and after I do this workout, I feel so good and that I've really taken a positive risk with pushing myself.

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Knee raises/leg raises (Captain's chair)

A very recent favourite of mine, and I definitely feel it the day afterwards. I use the dips machine for doing both of these, and I find it so helpful and challenging (in a good way). I've never been able to support my own weight fully on my arms, so press ups have been out of the question forever. I never thought I could do these, and I've recently proven myself wrong. 

Captain's chair leg and hip raise exercise
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I do a variant of the two whilst using this machine, so I start with a knee raise, then back down, then up to a leg raise (tuck position), then back down and keep repeating it and stopping after 10. I try to push myself each time to go that little bit further, but as a newbie to this workout (and to working out my arms), I don't make the next goal too far away. Dips are the next goal for me!

Lat pull downs

Another workout I totally adore, especially because I do like to test my limits with it (also it looks hilarious with me trying to reach the bar since I'm so short). Dependant on how far apart or close the placement of your hands are is dependant on the part of your arms you workout. I like to do a variant of them all, with reps of 10 and I like to do this for 2-3 sets, dependant on how much I want to push myself. I never used to bother working on my arms, but everytime I'm in the gym, I always get tempted by the dumbells and arm machines.

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Dumbbell side lateral raises

For this workout, I like to change the weights between what I'm comfortable with, and the weight up from that. I do this to push myself, as well as giving me the comfort zone I can go back to if pushing myself feels like too much. I do these for reps of 10, and make it a set of between 3-5. You can do this workout at home if you have dumbbells in the house, but I do prefer to do this in the gym, especially when dumbbells can be costly if you're changing what weights you're using.

Correct side lateral raise exercise form
Taken from Primer Magazine

Kettlebells x burpees

I saw this workout over on KJ Apa's Instagram (x), so I decided to give it a shot. It's pretty easy to say that afterwards, you are literally breathless and sweating buckets. I stop after I've done 10 of each for a mini break to get my breath back, then I go back down again. It definitely is something you shouldn't push yourself to do, as the first time I did this, I had to stop after 7 of each due to being severely out of breath. This workout is a tough one to do, especially if burpees do make you pretty tired quickly, but if you don't push yourself, it is beneficial and can actually be a bit of fun.


How I really do love my squats (no sarcasm, I swear!) They're so simple to do, and work so well. However, if you want that 'peachy booty' or 'booty goals', unfortunately, just squats won't do it!

I do 3 different variations of these, and I rotate between them after every 10. First, I do just bog-standard regular squats. Secondly, I do squats and after I've come up, I follow it with a leg raise (then repeat but alternate legs). Lastly, I do weighted squats. Whether it's with a weight, kettlebell or medicine ball, it works a charm. I do all of these twice, meaning I end up doing about 60 squats. I do give myself a break after 30 to ensure I put in my full effort throughout the whole workout.

30 Day Challenges

I have 2 favourite workouts which branch under the '30 day challenge' title, and they are the Ab & Squat challenge, and the Butt Fitness challenge. I adore both of these challenges, as it basically follows the rule of 'little and often'. They don't take long at all to do, and they're quite fun if I'm honest. I fit them in either before I've gone training, or after, especially if I'm just sat around and not doing much and feel like I should be moving. When you start progressing further into the month, it really does surprise you as to how far you've gone, and how much you've actually done.

30 day ab and squat challenge
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30 Day Bum Fitness Challenge Chart
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That's it from me, and I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite workouts, and what I do with them! If you want some fitness inspiration, or some ideas for workouts, check out my fitness board over on Pinterest!

What are your favourite workouts? Do you have a least favourite? Do arm workouts make you feel like The Hulk? Do squats give you the Kim K vibes? Let me know in the comments and let's have a discussion!

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Have an amazing day!


  1. You look amazing Chloe! This post has given me the motivation to finally look into joining a gym! Going to save this post and try some of these work outs!

    Speak soon,
    Niamh xx

    1. Thank-you so much, Niamh! I'm glad I could give you the motivation into doing so.

      - Chloe

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