Healthy Snacks with Acti-Snack *

A lot of the time when I'm craving for a snack, I usually want something savoury or something 'unhealthy'. I did want to get into more of a health snack, because I find that my cravings are usually for foods that I know I shouldn't really eat constantly. I do have protein cookies, brownies (and the occasional pack of peanuts or cashews), but I honestly feel like my healthy snack struggle is now over.

The lovely team at Acti-Snack got in contact with me a little while ago and they sent me over some samples of their products, and I must admit - I was very excited.

So, who are Acti-Snack?

For those of you who don't know, Acti-Snack is a "delicious new range of natural dried fruit, nut and seed snacks which maximise on the intrinsic values of each ingredient to meet individual sporting nutrition objectives - carbohydrates for fuel, a combination of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates for endurance or protein for recovery - perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle."

When the package arrived, I wasn't expecting many samples because I'm not the kind of person who expects to be given a lot when it comes to samples. However, when I opened the package, I was so surprised at their generosity. I was in actual shock with how many things I had been sent, and I was happy that there was a lot of variety there.

The products that I were sent were:

  • a bag of Nut mix
  • food bars (in a variety of flavours: fruit, nut & golden berry, fruit & seed, fruit, nut & soya and cacao, cashew & cranberry)
  • 2 bags of nuts (almonds and cashews)
  • little snack bags (in a variety of flavours: fruit, nut & cacao, fruit, nut & seed, fruit nut & soya)

I'm very thankful that they took time to send me a variety of their products, giving a variety of different flavours for me to try. As someone who is into fitness and finds that sometimes a bit of fruit is a little bit boring to have for a snack (or sometimes I don't find it appealing), I now have the chance to try out something new, and to coax me into eating some snacks that are good for me, and I can reach for something healthy as opposed to a bag of crisps or a little bit of chocolate.


I absolutely love nuts, so I'm very happy that a lot of these products do contain them, as they are one of my favourite snacks to reach for. I know the little bags of almonds or cashews will do me good when I'm in a lecture in uni and I need a boost, or at home writing my dissertation and need something to have a munch on.

The sizes of each product are so handy, as they're easy to put in your bag or to carry on the go and you've got yourself a healthy snack there waiting for you. Out of all the products, my favourites are: the Nut Mix, the bag of cashews, the fruit, nut & soya snack packs and the fruit, nut & cranberry bar. I'm yet to try any more of the other products, as there are some ingredients I'm not too much of a fan of (e.g. banana and raisins), but I'm willing to give them a try to say that I've tried it, or to see if my tastebuds have changed.

I can definitely say that their products have helped curb my 'unhealthy' snack cravings, and I do find their products to be quite moreish, even when I'm trying to be sparing until I purchase more of the products I love by Acti-Snack.

Will I be purchasing Acti-Snack in the future?

Definitely. I have browsed their website, and I like the fact they do multi-packs at a decent price on their store. It leaves me feeling happy that I won't be ripped off. Price wise, it reminds me of Graze and their products you can purchase in supermarkets, and a someone who is a fan of Graze, I don't mind paying the price for Acti-Snack, because a) their products are good for you, b) taste great and c) I don't feel guilty for eating them as a snack.

Once again, I'd like to say a huge thank-you to everyone at Acti-Snack for showing me about their brand, as well as their generosity with the products they sent me.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and perhaps may check out Acti-Snack and see for yourselves what their products are like! Have you ever tried Acti-Snack before? Were you a fan of their products like I am? What are your go-to health snacks? Let me know in the comments and let's have a discussion!

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Have an amazing day!

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